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Registrar Number 13104338

Pdmbulls limited is an innovative leading provider of trading platforms to institutional and retail brokerage firms in the foreign exchange, CFD (contracts for difference), commodities, futures and options marketplace.

Based in England and wales Pdmbulls specializes in inter-exchange connectivity which allows our clients to focus on their core trading activities while are tailored to fit their specific requirements.

Over the past five years, advancements in technology have continued to push the envelope, often taking conventional wisdom by surprise when the impossible becomes reality. During this same time period, the popularity of foreign exchange trading has been running a nearly parallel, upward course. The vision of Pdmbulls is to harness the expansion of these two rapidly growing sectors of the economy and take them to the next level.

Pdmbulls limited innovative bridge serves as an excellent example of the fusion of foreign exchange. it was challenging for foreign exchange brokerages using MetaTrader – a trading platform very popular in the foreign exchange market – to offset risk and manage certain trades. Through the development of Pdmbulls bridge, brokerages now have the ability to employ a wildly popular trade execution model known as Straight Through Processing (STP). This bridge is simply one of the many treding solutions Pdmbulls has created that have redefined the trading industry.

To date Pdmbulls early success has been based on the continuous refinement of three core principles:

  1. Client Focus
  2. Team Development
  3. Dynamic Innovation

By focusing on these principles on a 24/7 basis, Pdmbulls has been able to consistently grow its customer base while providing tremendous opportunities to our employees as well as our key business partners.

Client Focus

At Pdmbulls , clients come first and our mission is to deliver best of class products, services, and solutions by creating long lasting partnerships. By working in a collaborative mode to address specific client needs, Pdmbulls continues to exceed expectations.

Team Development

As with any organization, the ability to attract and retain team members who understand and more importantly believe in our core principles. Pdmbulls is committed to maintaining and inspiring a culture which encourages cross-functional collaboration, in addition to an environment where everyone “has a seat at the table,”. Pdmbulls fosters an environment where all team members take pride in and participate in the success of the company.

Dynamic Innovation

Above all, this key principle allows Pdmbulls to consistently exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. By adopting the philosophy “we don’t take no for an answer”, we have been able to help our clients evolve and meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.